What Is A Root Canal? – Root Canal Near Me

Root canal treatment is designed to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or has become highly infected. During the root canal treatment procedure, the nerve and pulp of the tooth are removed, and the tooth is cleaned from the inside and sealed. If proper root canal treatment is not sought, the infection may spread to the surrounding tissue and abscesses may develop. “Root canal” refers to the natural cavity located at the center of the tooth. The pulp refers to the soft tissue within the natural cavity. The nerve supplying the tooth is not that important when it comes to the tooth’s function or health after the tooth has emerged. The only function of the nerve is to provide cold or hot sensation. Which is why removing the nerve during root canal treatment does not affect the function of the tooth. Keep on reading to find out more about why you need root canal treatment, when do you need it and the average cost of root canal treatment.

Why Does Tooth Pulp Need To Be Removed? – Dentist Close To Me

If you’re wondering “Is getting a root canal worth the cost?” then yes it is because when the pulp or nerve of a tooth becomes damaged or infected, it breaks down and bacteria start to multiply within the pulp. The bacteria and remaining debris material can cause infection or an abscess. An abscess is a plus-filled region that develops at the periphery of the roots of the tooth. If the infection spread past the end region of the tooth, an abscess develops and can cause further complications such as 

  1. Bone loss
  2. Swelling on the face, neck, and head
  3. Drainage issues. A hole may develop on the side of the root through which drainage can occur into the gums or skin

This is why it is important that you seek root canal treatment immediately from a root canal doctor.

What Damages a Tooth’s Nerve and Pulp?

The tooth’s nerve and pulp can become infected, inflamed, and irritated due to multiple reasons such as tooth decay, a crack or chip in the tooth, tooth fillings, or repeated dental procedures.

How do you know if you need a root canal done by one of the best root canal dentist

You may require a root canal treatment if you:

  1. Experience severe pain while eating, chewing and biting
  2. See pimples on your gums
  3. Notice tooth decay or dark gums
  4. Have swollen gums
  5. Experience tooth sensitivity
  6. Have a chipped or cracked tooth

What Happens During A Root Canal Treatment Performed By Dentist Around Me?

A root canal is performed by a dentist and requires one or sometimes more than one visits to the dental office. An endodontist is someone who has specialized in the field related to the causes, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases associated with the dental pulp and the nerve of the tooth. Choosing the right dentist is very important and depends on the difficulty of the root canal procedure. The dentist who does root canals will start by taking an X-ray to see the condition of your teeth and to identify any signs of infection in your mouth. The dentist will then use local anesthesia to numb the area surrounding the affected tooth. Sometimes anesthesia might not be used because since the nerve is dead, you won’t feel any pain. 

Your dentist will then place a rubber sheet around your teeth to keep the area dry and salvia free. A hole is then drilled into the tooth. Next, the pulp, bacteria, decayed tissue, and debris is removed from the tooth. The cleaning process is accomplished using root canal files. The dentist places a series of these files, each with a diameter greater than the previous one into the hole. Then water or sodium hypochlorite is used to wash away the debris. Next, the tooth is properly sealed. Some dentists might wait for a weak before sealing your tooth. In a situation where there is an infection, your dentist might apply medication inside your tooth to treat it, and the seal is later while others may close it after cleaning it. If the tooth is not sealed on the same day, a temporary filling is placed in the tooth to prevent the entry of saliva and food particles. The final step is to provide the tooth with further restorations such as a dental crown, crown, and post, or other restoration to protect it and prevent it from breaking.

How Successful Are Root Canals Treatment?

Root canal treatment is highly successful, with a 95% success rate. Teeth that undergo root canal treatment tend to last a lifetime. Also, onlookers cannot tell if a root canal has been performed because a dental crown or filling is applied.

Teeth Root Canal Treatment Cost 

The cost of root canal treatment varies widely depending on several factors such as how complex the problem is, how many teeth are affected, and which tooth is affected. Molars are difficult to work on and treat, so their cost is usually higher. Procedures for restoring the natural tooth are less expensive than having the tooth extracted. An extracted tooth has to be replaced with an implant or bridge so that the surrounding teeth do not shift and you can chew easily. These procedures are more expensive than endodontic treatment.

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Neglecting your oral health can have many disastrous effects on your teeth and overall health. It may also cost you a lot of money. If you have decayed and highly infected teeth, root canal treatment is the ideal solution. Our tooth consists of a natural cavity at the center of the tooth filled with soft tissue known as pulp. Each tooth is supplied by a nerve whose main function is to provide cold and hot sensation. This is why removing the nerve during root canal treatment does not affect the function of the tooth. If pulp or nerve of a tooth becomes damaged or infected, it breaks down, and bacteria start to multiply within the pulp. The bacteria and remaining debris material can cause infection or an abscess. It may also lead to bone loss, swellings, and drainage issues. If you experience severe pain while chewing, have a chipped or cracked tooth, experience tooth sensitivity, see pimples on your gums, or notice swellings you might need a root canal treatment. The root canal procedure is performed by a dentist and requires one or more visits to the dental office. Root canal treatment has a success rate as high as 95% and is worth it. The cost of root canal treatment varies depending on different factors such as location, type of tooth, the complexity of the procedure, and amount of damage. At West OREM, we understand the importance of good oral health which is why our dentists are determined to provide you with some of the best quality dental services that will leave your teeth healthier than before. Don’t miss out! Book your appointment now!

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