Routine oral exams are vital for keeping your oral health in check and are a great part of preventive dental health care. During the dental exam, the dental hygienist inspects your teeth and check for cavities and gum disease. The dental professional then cleans your teeth. It also includes checking your face, neck, and mouth for oral problems. The dental hygienist may also recommend an X-ray and other diagnostic tests and procedures.

After the dental examination, the dentist will also advice you good oral health practices and demonstrate proper brushing and flossing methods. They may also talk about your diet, oral hygiene habits, lifestyle, and treatment options. This article will give you a brief overview of dental exams.

Why Is It Done- Dental Exam and Cleaning Near Me

Routine dental exams are vital for keeping not only your oral health in check but also your overall health. It allows your dentist to detect and treat disease and oral problems before they grow further and worsen. For example, signs and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and diabetes are visible in the mouth first. If the dental hygienist identifies these indications, he will refer you to a doctor. In addition to that, the dental exams give your dental hygienist and dentist a chance to tell you tips on how to care for your teeth properly and which dental hygiene practices to adopt.

When Should You Go For an Oral Exam Dental

According to the American Dental Association, adults should go for a dental exam at regular intervals told by the dentists. You should visit the dentist at least twice a year. If you no longer have any natural teeth left, even then you should visit a dentist for regular dental exams to keep your oral health in check and the effectiveness of your replaced teeth.

How to Prepare For the New Patient Dental Exam

If your searching for “new patient dental exam near me”and are about to schedule your first ever dental exam, it’s normal for you to be nervous and worried. You should ask around families, co-workers, neighbors, relatives, and friends for a recommendation. Keep the dentists’ location in mind before scheduling the appointment so that it’s near your home, and you can easily go to the dentist when needed. Clear all your doubts and questions regarding the fees and payment options.

If you’re anxious about your dental exam, let your dental hygienist or dentist know as they might reschedule, postpone, or adjust your treatment to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Cost of Dental Exam and Cleaning

As mentioned above, routine dental exams and cleaning are very important for the maintenance for your overall health and oral health. A typical dental visit includes a dental exam and professional cleaning, as well as X-rays and topical fluoride depending upon the condition of your teeth and your last dental visit. Without dental insurance, the cost of routine cleaning done by a dental hygienist ranges between$80 and $175 ($127 on average). And the cost of complete teeth cleaning procedure that includes dental x-rays and a dental exam by a dentist ranges between $114 and $320 (an average of $198). These figures may vary widely according to the location, region, and local market rates.


What is tooth decay, and why is it a problem?

Tooth decay refers to the destruction of your tooth enamel due to the build-up of plaque, a sticky film of bacteria. Whenever you consume any food or drink, the bacteria in the plaque produce acids that destroy the tooth enamel. The sticky plaque keeps the acids in contact with the enamel of the teeth, and slowly, the acid breaks down the enamel. This is a problem because it creates holes in the tooth called cavities. If left untreated cavities can cause tooth abscess, a dangerous tooth infection. It may also destroy the innermost layer of the tooth called the pulp, and if that happens, the tooth may have to be removed. Cavities can also effect the nerves and cause a tooth fracture. 

What can I expect during a dental checkup?

When you go for your dental checkup, your dentist will start by thoroughly examining your teeth and will look for signs of gum disease and oral problems. He will then use different tools to get rid of any hard build-up of plaque and tartar from the surface of your teeth. The dentist might also floss your teeth. The dentist will then rinse your mouth and polish your teeth 

Should I brush my teeth before going to the dentist? Why?

Yes, especially if you have to go for the appointment right after your meal. Brushing your teeth does not hide your cavities or your calculus and plaque, but it makes it easier for the dentist to inspect your mouth because sometimes the food stuck between your teeth makes it difficult to make out between plaque and food particles. This leads to an incorrect diagnosis. Clean and brushed teeth also save you from embarrassing moments and give you confidence. 

Why is dental health checkup so important?”

It is important because it keeps your oral health in check and protects you from many oral problems. A dental health checkup allows the dentists to identify any oral problem in its initial stages and treat it before it grows and worsens. 

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The regular oral exam should be given great emphasis because they are an important part of preventive dental health care. During a dental exam, the oral hygienist thoroughly examines your mouth, gums, neck, face, and teeth for signs of oral disease and oral health problems. He or she then uses specific tools to free your teeth from the build-up of plaque and tartar.

The dentist then cleans your mouth and gives you a fluoride mouth rinse. Your dentist then polishes your teeth and gives you advice regarding which dental hygiene habits to adopt and how to properly brush and floss your teeth. Routine dental exams allow your dentist to identify signs and symptoms of developing the disease and treat them before they get worse and cause complications.

You should visit your dentist at least twice a year and continue to go at regular intervals set by the dentist. In order to adequately prepare for your dental exam, you should know the procedure, location of the dentist’s office, and cost of the procedure. Without dental insurance, the cost of routine cleaning done by a dental hygienist ranges between$80 and $175 ($127 on average). And the cost of complete teeth cleaning procedure that includes dental x-rays and a dental exam by a dentist ranges between $114 and $320 (an average of $198). These figures may vary widely according to the location, region, and local market rates. Book your appointment now at West Orem Dental Centre to get the best dental exam services in town at an affordable price.